Workplace Anxiety

Workplace anxiety has real consequences for the health of your company. Barbara CinicolaMaximilien Alexandre Vanessa Cordopatre

Try these practical approaches TODAY ☺️, let me know how it goes! 🚀✨#care#careforothers 🫶
1. Prioritize psychological safety. Go beyond everyone’s to-do list in your meetings. Keep an eye out for hidden anxiety, fear, or burnout. Be patient and, when possible, be open about your own wellbeing.
2. Give your team the tools to manage wellbeing on their own time. Introduce resources, like the well-being hub model we build for our Clients, which people can use when they need it. 
3. Celebrate failure – it’s a learning opportunity! Encourage people to share what they tried that failed and what they did to correct it. The first few times won’t be easy, but people will gradually be more willing to share, especially if you lead the way. Their solutions will become invaluable to others facing similar challenges. 

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