Workplace Anxiety

Workplace anxiety has real consequences for the health of your company. Barbara CinicolaMaximilien Alexandre Vanessa Cordopatre Try these practical approaches TODAY ☺️, let me know how it goes! 🚀✨#care#careforothers 🫶1. Prioritize psychological safety. Go beyond everyone’s to-do list in your meetings. Keep an eye out for hidden anxiety, fear, or burnout. Be patient and, when possible, be […]

Etiquette of Metaverse

The growth of digital has changed habits and behaviors day after day also in the world of work: every day we hear about disruptive business models, platforms for corporate collaboration, the growing importance of Big Data, the use of Enterprise Social Networks, increasingly flexible physical spaces to better respond to a “smarter” way of working,  and […]

Bali Leadership Retreat

Join us in the intimate group on 19th to 23d of November 2022 to transform your business, body and your mind! At the retreat you will: ▪️release stress and get focused on your goals▪️view challenges through a different lens▪️bring your physical energy up▪️become more confident and empowered 🏝 Save your spot for the Bali Leadership […]